JF Fantasy Jewelry, Making Fantasy A Reality

  • Shop Update

    Its been a while since I have made a blog post, lately I have been really focused on running the day to day of the business and trying to come up w...
  • The hugging octopus

    This octopus is dramatically different than my normal style, but that's the point! I wanted to create a piece that was cute and whimsical. I chose...
  • Darkness Eternal

    This blog post is about my latest piece that encapsulates my feelings towards life and the feelings of darkness that can creep over me
  • Moonstone Magic

    In this blog post I tell about the inspiration behind the piece Moonstone Magic and speak briefly on my process behind creating jewelry
  • How an Idea Comes To Life

    I Design and create my jewelry in many different ways, some of the jewelry is created using CAD and clay sculpting software, and some is hand fabri...
  • Dog Days of Summer

    In my latest post I explore the background of my latest piece and reminisce about my days as a young boy walking through the NC woods.
  • From Fantasy To Reality

    Ever since I was young I loved to create things with my hands, I have done lots of different types of crafts, until I found jewelry making, and in...