How an Idea Comes To Life

I Design and create my jewelry in many different ways, some of the jewelry is created using CAD and clay sculpting software, and some is hand fabricated. The first thing I need is an idea, and they come from absolutely everywhere and sometimes seemingly nowhere at all. Then I draw a rough sketch and begin to create dimensions to the piece, this can often be dictated by the stones I want to use to create the piece. When I begin my CAD design I always start by creating a basic version of the piece and them printing out the basic piece to check and see how the size relates to my idea of how I want the piece to work. When I am happy with the size and shape of the piece I have created I will add in the fine details and settings for the stones, this will often times go through 5 or 6 revisions before I am finally happy with the piece. The whole design process normally takes me about 1 week of work but in the end all the time spent on the design is worth it because I come out feeling like I left a small part of myself with the piece. Jf Fantasy Jewelry designs

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