From Fantasy To Reality

Ever since I was young I loved to create things with my hands, I have done lots of different types of crafts, until I found jewelry making, and instantly I was in love. The thing I love most about jewelry making is that there are thousands of different styles of pieces that you can create, all of which use a variety of different creation styles that help me express my artistic style. When I was graduating from high school I always believed that living off my art was impossible, I believed that it was foolish to have this dream of being able to wake up in the morning, go to my workshop, create things and love my job. I was wrong. Over the next few years I studied many different things, welding, machining, engineering, just desperately trying to find a place where I fit in and felt fulfilled. One day, after studying engineering for a while I got the opportunity to help a local company out using my CAD skills to design and create jewelry. As soon as I finished that first piece I knew that this was exactly where I belong. After years of studying, learning, and perfecting my skills as a jeweler and designer, I created JF Fantasy Jewelry. People often ask me about the name, and while it is true that I chose the name because I love fantasy, I also feel like the name represents me finally realizing that I can have dreams, and that I can make them a reality.

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