Darkness Eternal

When initially designing this piece I intended for it to have a completely different feel, I was actually creating an oceanic piece. Unfortunately, that piece was giving me alot of trouble, I just couldn't seem to get the effect I wanted out of it, inevitably that chain of events sent me to a place of darkness that I just couldn't seem so shake. This happens to me on a regular basis and can cause me to struggle to create new designs, so instead of shying away from the encroaching darkness, I let it take me to a place, and when I came back, I had "Darkness Eternal". This piece means alot to me because it represents the struggle I often face with the darkness that both keeps me from creating and helps me to be more creative. This sense of darkness can not only effect my jewelry designing, but my life in general, it is a constant feeling of not being good enough that pushes me forward and on to new heights. I would not describe myself as an unhappy person, but rater I think I have adapted to thrive in a mental state that many would consider to be dark and dreary, but no matter the case, I can still find the beauty that the darkness creates.

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