Moonstone Magic

When I am creating my jewelry I often take moments in my own life and share the way I feel about them with everyone. This piece is based off one such moment, I start my jewelry work around 3 in the morning (I have an acute insomnia problem) I find that time of the morning so magical because the whole world is silent. When there is a full moon I will often sit outside in the cool air and sketch out new ideas for pieces that I would like to create. This piece was created during one such session of introspection to try to capture some of the magic that the moon creates within my heart. The crescent slices surround the full moon in the middle as a representation of the fact that the magic of the moon is always changing and that while beautiful, it is only temporary.


  • I’m interested in a moon stone

    Amber Hueramo
  • I have 3 moonstones that need to be set 1 for a ring and the other for earrings. Can you get in touch with me at

    J Fulp

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